Below you will find why BlogMonsters is the best solution for anyone wanting to tell and monetize their story.
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Our service is astonishingly thin and light.

The Most Amazing Brand and Blog Solution

Our Service is Astonishingly Easy and Personal

After 5 years and over $20,000 invested in learning and testing, we now have a custom blogging solution to help you tell your story as well as make money while you blog. There are millions of bloggers, but almost none of them have the magic sauce to turn their fans into customers.

We Figured it Out

How I Launched My Book

After much testing, I was ready to launch MY story. As an unknown author, I wrote a book in 27 days. Then using the power of this blogging platform and a small subscriber list of only 1,700 people, I published my book on Amazon. Within 6 hours, I was #1 best seller in 4 categories.

So, What Does This Mean for You?

We Build for You a Beautiful Solution and Provide All the Secrets
This blogging solution is not a turn-key TEMPLATE. It is a custom designed solution based on YOU. We will coach you and craft YOUR unique story and show you exactly what's working for the rest of the BLOG MONSTERS.

Custom Domain and Branding

We will help you choose the perfect domain name and help you design a beautiful brand and story

The Secret Sauce

I paid over $20,000 to learn from a guy who makes millions of dollars a year on his blog. There are tons of tiny little things that people do wrong in trying to blog on their own. Let us show you all the secrets.

We Build it For You

The worst thing about many of the so-called gurus in the blogging space is that they don't have a real solution, their blogging fees are too high or they don't build a blog for you. Leaving you on your own to figure it out.

You Are Never Alone

Not only are we here to help you get everything up and running, but we provide regular content for you to fill your blog. We also include you in our very friendly and active community, Blog Monsters.

Products Provided

For those of you who don't know what to sell, we have a great list of products for you to choose from. We will also teach you how to add to your product offerings as time goes on.

Content Provided

For those who don’t have enough time or desire to fill their blog with viral content, we will provide already completed blog posts for you that you can subscribe to and make blogging as easy as 1-2-3.

Full Video Library Training

To get started, we have provided an easy training solution so that you can go as fast or as slow as you want. Some of our clients want to be up and running within 4 days while others want to take their time. Most of the blogging training is found in your training library.

Automate Your Social

It can be a pain to keep up with posting onto your blog and to all your social pages. We will help you set it up so it's automated and EASY.

Let's Talk

We are available to answer all your question and show you the whole story.

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